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Cast Partial Dentures: An Affordable Solution for Replacing Missing Teeth

Removable Partial Dentures
Cast partial denture with metal clip

Cast partial denture with metal clip

Cast partial dentures are a cost-effective and minimally invasive solution to replace missing teeth without the need for grinding down adjacent teeth. This type of dental prosthesis uses artificial teeth made of either acrylic or ceramic to fill the gaps left by missing teeth.

Advantages of cast partial dentures include:

Preservation of natural teeth: As cast partial dentures do not require grinding down adjacent teeth, they help preserve the structure and integrity of your patients’ remaining natural teeth.

Affordability: Cast partial dentures are typically more affordable than other types of dental prostheses, such as implants or bridges, making them an attractive option for patients on a budget.

Customization: Our skilled dental technicians craft each cast partial denture to precisely fit the patient’s unique dental arch and match the color and appearance of their natural teeth.

Removability: Unlike fixed dental prostheses, cast partial dentures are removable, allowing patients to clean them thoroughly and maintain proper oral hygiene.

Adaptability: Cast partial dentures can be easily adjusted or modified to accommodate any changes in a patient’s dental structure, such as the loss of additional teeth.

By choosing Malkodent for your dental laboratory needs, you can be confident that your patients will receive high-quality cast partial dentures that meet the highest standards of aesthetics, function, and affordability. Let us help you provide exceptional dental care and give your patients the beautiful, healthy smiles they deserve.

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