Jürgen Malkomeß, Geschäftsführer

Jurgen Malkomess, Director

Unleashing Smiles for over 40 years

Malkodent Zahntechnik Dental Laboratory stands for dentures that are of high quality and will last a long time. The motivated and dedicated team stands for consistent quality Made in Germany.

Intelligent CAD/CAM machines and high-quality precious metals, ceramics, plastics and composites are used to manufacture your prosthetics.

Managing Director Jürgen Malkomeß has been working successfully in the dental industry for many years. Its properties are characterized by the highest demands for excellent, functional aesthetics. His passion is the masterful perfection of the production of cone prostheses according to Dr. Weigl.

High-Quality Esthetic Prosthesis

Malkodent specializes in artistically creating realistic prosthetics that will provide you with confidence and comfort.

Totally Digital Workflow

Totally Digital Workflow

Experience the future of dental restoration with Malkodent’s totally digital workflow, offering unparalleled precision, efficiency and patient satisfaction.

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